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Bella Baby Community Guidelines Welcome to Bella Baby Community! We are an online community for Mothers and Expecting Mothers to be, those who are engaged and those who are planning there special day! Bella Baby Community was created in October 2007! We strive to be a happy community and all members are required to adhere to the guidelines listed below. You must be at least 18 years old to register on Baby Bella forums. We do not allow the attacking of our members through posts on Bella Baby, email or private messages. We do not allow name calling, harassment or personal insults. You may express opposing view points but we want our members to feel safe from abuse. Posts that do not adhere to our guidelines will be removed and you will recieve a verbal warning and possible suspension of your account. The use of vulgar language and any religious or racial comments or anything that pertains to illegal substances will not be tolerated. Any member caught doing any of the above will be banned from Bella Baby by Administration. We do not allow pictures or links to pictures with nudity. (Except for purposes related to pregnancy) If a picture is posted that goes beyond our policy the member will be notified and possibly banned from Bella Baby. Please adhere to our guidelines to help ensure our community stays safe and happy for everyone. We do not allow trolling on our forums. We do not allow multiple accounts to be registered and we do not allow impersonating another member’s identity or stealing there pictures or posts. These members will be banned from Bella Baby Parenting. Members are not allowed to post any solicitations for money or any charitable causes that may make our members feel obligated to give money to your cause. Private messaging a member for your cause is also prohibited. Members caught not following the above rules will be suspended from our community. This is a public forum although you must be a registered member of Bella Baby before posting anything, remember this is still a public webiste. Our picture forum is password protected but please remember if you no longer wish to be a member of our forums it is your responsibility to delete all pictures and posts pertaining to your account. Bella Baby is not responsible for your pictures or posts pertaining your account. Please no heated debates on our forums. We strive to be a happy and stress free community. Although from time to time we may disagree with something another member has stated we will not allow heated debates on our forums. If you see something that is arising within our community please bring it to the attention of either Admin or a Community Leader and we will address the problem accordingly. Bella Baby does reserve the right to ban the accounts of those who repeatedly violate our terms of service. Please read our policy regarding signatures under Administration. Members may not include signatures that are political or controversial in nature. These signatures will be removed by Administration. If you see a signature that does not follow our guidelines please bring it to the attention of Administration or a Community Leader and we will fix the problem accordingly. Remember this is a forum about pregnancy and parenting but please remember that we are not health care professionals. Please remember to speak to your health care representative and do not rely on the information posted on our forums to substitute for your health care. We are not responsible for any posts pertaining to health care information. Information posted on our forums is not intended to replace physician care. Do not post copyrighted material on Bella Baby Parenting although you may post articles that may be helpful to our members regarding pregnancy or parenting. You agree to use Bella Baby at your own risk. We are not responsible for your posts or pictures that you post on our forums. Although we strive to be a safe enviroment this is still a public website so please use Bella Baby in a safe manner. This includes not posting your phone number or home address so that others may see it either on our forums or through private messaging. You agree to indemnify and hold Bella Baby harmless against all claims and expenses which include all reasonable attorney’s fees, arising out of or related to your use of the Bella Baby site including the violation of any law or regulation, violation of these terms and conditions, or violation of any privacy right, or contracts formed with you through our website. We do not allow advertising on our forums unless posted in the specific forum. Please do not list anything that may offend our members or a verbal warning and possible suspension of your account will occur. If your sole purpose of joing Bella Baby is to advertise your business and not participate your account will be deleted. This forum is dedicated to pregnancy and parenting and we would like to stay within those guidelines. Thank you for reviewing our guidelines and remember to check back periodically to see if there are any updates. The Bella Baby Community Administration Team